Article 8. Special Signs linklink
10-4-801: Theaters
10-4-802: Hotels In Multiple-Family Residential Zones
10-4-803: Parking Facilities (Rep. by Ord. 96-O-2257, eff. 5-10-1996)
10-4-804: Gasoline Service Stations
10-4-805: Automobile Agencies
10-4-806: Yard Signs
10-4-807: Retail Buildings Temporarily Closed To The General Public
10-4-808: Signs Required By State Or Federal Law

10-4-801: THEATERS: linklink

A. Theaters shall not be subject to the limitations of section 10-4-305 of this chapter.

B. For the purposes of a theater, a product or service sign may include the name of the production, the names of the people associated with the production (such as stars, producer, director, etc.) the type of performance (such as premiere, reserved, seat, etc.), the duration of the production, and the time of the performances.

C. If no production is in progress, a product or service sign may include the name of the next production and the date such production shall be open to the public. Such sign shall not be installed or maintained more than fourteen (14) days prior to the date when such production shall be open to the public.

D. For the purposes of this section, the term "theater" shall include multiple theaters contained in the same building or structure being operated as a single business. In such circumstances, the multiple theaters shall be deemed to be only one "theater". (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)

A. Hotels in multiple-family residential zones shall be permitted building or business identification signs not to exceed twenty (20) square feet for each sign face. For the purpose of determining sign area for this section only, a multi-faced sign shall be subject to the provisions of section 10-4-610 of this chapter.

B. Hotels in multiple-family residential zones fronting on La Cienega Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard, Doheny Drive, Olympic Boulevard, or Wilshire Boulevard shall not be subject to the limitations of section 10-4-508 of this chapter. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-803: PARKING FACILITIES: linklink

(Rep. by Ord. 96-O-2257, eff. 5-10-1996)

A. Business Identification Signs: Business identification signs for gasoline service stations shall be limited to:

1. One identification ground sign which shall not exceed thirty six (36) square feet in area on each face and height not to exceed twenty feet (20'). A ground sign shall be limited to two (2) faces; and

2. One identification wall sign which shall not exceed ten (10) square feet in area.

B. Price Signs: One price sign not to exceed ten (10) square feet in area shall be posted in such a fashion as to be clearly visible from any street adjacent to such gasoline service station. Such sign shall clearly and plainly indicate the actual price per gallon, including all taxes, at which each grade of gasoline or other motor fuel is currently being offered for sale or sold. Such sign shall not exceed a width of three feet (3') nor a height of four feet (4') and shall not be illuminated. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-805: AUTOMOBILE AGENCIES: linklink

In addition to the signs allowed in this chapter, when new and used cars are being sold by the same owner or operator from separate areas of a single business location, the used car sale operation shall be allowed one additional sign indicating "Used Cars", such sign not to exceed twenty (20) square feet in area. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-806: YARD SIGNS: linklink

Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter to the contrary, the following regulations shall apply to yard signs:

A. Purpose: Yard signs tend to be impermanent, flimsy, and vulnerable to the elements. Because of the tendency of yard signs to proliferate, creating litter, visual blight, and traffic safety hazards, the council hereby adopts the regulations set forth in this section. It is the purpose and intent of the council to provide minimal regulations regarding the posting, display, maintenance, and removal of yard signs in order to protect the first amendment rights of persons posting yard signs on their property while protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the general public and maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the city.

B. General Provisions: The general provisions of article 1 of this chapter and the provisions of sections 10-4-302 through 10-4-309, 10-4-314, 10-4-315, 10-4-409, 10-4-509, and 10-4-611, of this chapter shall apply to yard signs. In addition, the following restrictions shall apply solely to yard signs:

1. No person shall maintain more than five (5) yard signs, measuring a maximum of one hundred fifty (150) square inches in area, on any one lot or site area, whichever is larger, in any single-family or multi-family residential zone. Two (2) signs placed back to back shall count as one sign.

2. No person shall maintain more than three (3) yard signs, each measuring a maximum of five (5) square feet in area, on any one lot or site area, whichever is larger, in any nonresidential zone. Two (2) signs placed back to back shall count as one sign.

3. Freestanding signs shall not exceed four feet (4') in height from the ground.

C. Voluntary Sign Approval And Distribution Permit:

1. Voluntary Sign Approval: Any person who wishes to post yard signs in the city may, at his or her option, bring a sign or signs to the building officer to review the signs for conformance with the provisions of this chapter.

2. Any person wishing to distribute more than ten (10) yard signsto property owners in the city must first apply for and receive a permit from the building official. The permit application shall contain an actual sized prototype of the sign and the name, address, and telephone number where the person may be reached by the building official or police chief or the respective deputies responsible for the enforcement of these provisions. The permit application shall be approved unless the sign does not meet the size requirements set forth in this section. The decision to grant or deny a permit shall be made within four (4) hours after submission of the application. One permit shall govern all signs of each type distributed to property owners in the city.

D. Maintenance And Removal:

1. Yard signs must be maintained, on a continuing basis, in good repair, and must be securely attached or grounded so that the yard sign will not be dislodged by the elements. Yard signs need not comply with the structural requirements pertaining to more permanent signs.

2. Yard signs specifically advertising or pertaining to an event, such as an election, must be removed within ten (10) days immediately following the event.

E. Violations: The violation of any of the provisions of this chapter regulating yard signs which may result in the conditions described in either section 3479 or 3480 of the California Civil Code is hereby deemed a public nuisance which may be abated by the city in the manner prescribed by law. If the building official, the police chief, or their authorized representatives, after inspection, find that a yard sign has been posted at a location which is in violation of this section or that a yard sign has become unsafe, insecure, or is a menace to the public safety, such official shall take action as follows:

1. If the yard sign has been posted on private property or on property owned by another public agency, such official of the city shall give forty eight (48) hours' written or oral notice to the property owner or tenant on whose property the sign has been posted, to remove, relocate, repair, or alter such sign.

2. If the sign has not been removed, relocated, repaired, or altered within such period of time, or such other further time as agreed to by such official of the city, the official may remove such sign, and the property owner or tenant responsible for the sign shall be liable to the city for the city's actual costs of removal. Such costs of removal shall be deemed a civil debt due and owing the city which may be collected by appropriate legal means.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, a city official may summarily and without notice remove any yard sign posted on property owned or controlled by the city. In addition, a city official may summarily remove any yard sign which poses an immediate danger to persons or property. In addition, any yard sign, regardless of where posted, left posted after the tenth dayfollowing the event to which such sign specifically relates shall be deemed abandoned by its owner and may be summarily removed without notice. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980; amd. Ord. 04-O-2457, eff. 11-30-2004; Ord. 05-O-2459, eff. 1-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2476, eff. 7-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2480, eff. 9-2-2005)

Notwithstanding any other restriction contained in this chapter, prior to the opening to the general public of a retail building larger than fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet, or prior to the reopening to the general public of such a building if a substantial portion of the building is closed to the general public, flags or banners may be erected announcing the opening or reopening of the building. The flags or banners may also identify the principal occupant of the building. Such flags or banners shall be removed no more than three (3) months after they are erected or within fourteen (14) days after the opening or reopening, whichever occurs first.

Any flag or banner erected pursuant to this section shall be considered a sign for the purposes of chapter 3, article 30 of this title and therefore shall require architectural review as a sign pursuant to that article.

In addition to the above requirements, any flag or banner erected pursuant to this section shall meet the following requirements:

A. The flag or banner shall be mounted on a wall of the building which fronts directly on a public street and does not front directly on an alley; and

B. If the flag or banner exceeds forty (40) square feet in area, the flag or banner shall not be erected except pursuant to a building permit issued pursuant to title 9 of this code. (Ord. 93-O-2181, eff. 11-19-1993)

Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit the erection of any sign required by state or federal law. Examples of such signs include, but are not limited to, signs indicating whether smoking is permitted within a building and signs warning of the presence of certain designated substances. Signs issued by a governmental agency for the purpose of aiding compliance with state or federal law shall not require architectural review pursuant to this code. (Ord. 96-O-2257, eff. 5-10-1996)