Chapter 5.69
5.69.020: DEFINITIONS:
5.69.100: SIGNS:

5.69.010: PURPOSE AND INTENT:linklink

The city council expressly finds that mobile food businesses within public streets pose special dangers to the public health, safety and welfare of residents in the city of Salt Lake City. It is the purpose and intent of the city council, in enacting this chapter, to provide responsible companies and individuals who engage in the operation of mobile food businesses with clear and concise regulations to prevent safety, traffic and health hazards, as well as to preserve the peace, safety and welfare of the community. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.020: DEFINITIONS:linklink

MOBILE FOOD BUSINESS: A business that serves food or beverages from a self-contained unit either motorized or in a trailer on wheels, and conducts all or part of its operations on premises other than its own and is readily movable, without disassembling, for transport to another location. The term "mobile food business" shall not include vending carts or mobile ice cream vendors.

MOBILE FOOD TRAILER: A mobile food business that serves food or beverages from a nonmotorized vehicle that is normally pulled behind a motorized vehicle. The term "mobile food trailer" shall not include vending carts, mobile food trucks or mobile ice cream vendors.

MOBILE FOOD TRUCK: A mobile food business that serves food or beverages from an enclosed self-contained motorized vehicle. The term "mobile food truck" shall not include vending carts, mobile food trailers or mobile ice cream vendors. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)

A. No person shall operate a mobile food business, without first having obtained a business license from the city in accordance with chapter 5.02 of this title, or its successor.

B. Mobile food truck vehicles are allowed to operate in the public right of way only within the M-1, M-2, D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, G-MU, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

C. Provisions found in this section shall not apply to, vending carts, mobile food trailers, mobile ice cream vendors, seasonal farm stands and other temporary merchants or uses that are specifically authorized by this title or other city ordinances. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)

Application for all mobile food businesses shall be made with the city business licensing division, prior to the commencement of operation. The applicant shall submit the following information:

A. Name and address of applicant.

B. Name and address of the approved commercial supply source and primary licensed food establishment, if applicable.

C. Pass a background check on owner/driver(s).

D. License plate number.

E. A description of the preparation methods and food product offered for sale, including the intended menu, display, and distribution containers.

F. A description of the vehicle to be used in conducting business including, but not limited to, a description of any method to display food or products to be offered for sale.

G. The anticipated volume of food to be stored, prepared and sold.

H. A valid copy of all necessary licenses or permits required by State or local health and transportation authorities.

I. Each applicant for a license or renewal under this chapter shall submit, with its application, a certificate of insurance executed by an insurance company or association authorized to transact business in this State, approved as to form by the City Attorney, that there is in full force and effect general liability insurance in an amount not less than amounts as set forth in section 63-30-34 of the Utah Code, as amended, or its successor. Such policy or policies shall include coverage of all motor vehicles used in connection with applicant's business. A current certificate of insurance shall be kept on file with the City Recorder at all times that applicant is licensed by the City verifying such continuing coverage and naming the City as an additional insured. The certificate shall contain a statement that the City will be given written notification at least thirty (30) days prior to cancellation or material change in the coverage without reservation of nonliability for failure to so notify the City. Cancellation shall constitute grounds for revocation of the license issued hereunder unless another insurance policy complying herewith is provided and is in effect at the time of cancellation/termination.

J. A signed statement that the permittee shall hold the City and its officers and employees harmless from any and all liability and shall indemnify the City and its officers and employees for any claims for damage to property or injury to persons arising from any activity carried on under the terms of the permit.

K. Where applicable, the written consent of the property or business owner. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.050: SEPARATE APPLICATIONS:linklink

Separate business license applications may be required for each mobile food business. Separate business license fees shall be required for each mobile food business vehicle operating under one (1) business license. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.060: FEES; ANNUAL OPERATION:linklink

No license shall be issued or continued in operation unless the holder thereof has paid the pertinent business regulatory fees set forth in the Salt Lake City consolidated fee schedule for each mobile food business. (Ord. 46-16, 2016)

All business activity related to mobile food businesses shall be of a temporary nature, the duration of which shall not extend for more than twelve (12) hours within a twenty four (24) hour period at any one (1) premises or location. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.080: USE OF PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY:linklink

Each mobile food business, offering food from or on motorized vehicles within the public right-of-way shall abide by the following conditions and requirements. Failure to comply may result in the suspension or revocation of a business license, and shall constitute a violation of this title:

A. Mobile food businesses shall obey all parking and traffic regulations as stated in title 12 of this Code.

B. Parking on a park strip, or otherwise landscaped area is not allowed.

C. Mobile food truck vehicles utilizing the parking space within the public right-of-way shall park only in parallel parking spaces. Mobile food truck vehicles must be parked so that neither the vehicle nor the customers block driveways of existing buildings or uses.

D. The operator shall locate the vending window facing the sidewalk. Mobile food truck vehicles manufactured to vend out the rear of the vehicle must obtain special permission from the Transportation Division to operate in the public right-of-way.

E. No mobile food truck vehicle shall occupy required parking stalls of the primary use.

F. The mobile food truck vehicle shall use positive action to assure that its use of the right-of-way, including the sidewalk, in no way interferes with or limits sidewalk users' free and unobstructed passage.

G. The mobile food truck vehicle shall be prohibited from pulling any type of trailer.

H. The operator of the mobile food truck vehicle shall not sell to any person standing in the roadway unless approved by the Transportation Division.

I. Mobile food truck vehicles shall not operate on public streets where the speed limit exceeds forty five (45) miles per hour.

J. Unless licensed prior to January 1, 2013, a parked mobile food business shall conform to all requirements in the Salt Lake City idling ordinances (title 12, chapter 12.58 of this Code).

K. Any auxiliary power required for the operation of the mobile food truck shall be self-contained. No use of public or private power sources are allowed without providing written consent from the owner.

L. All motorized vehicles of the applicant and operators shall comply with all other requirements of this chapter and any other requirements of ordinance or statute that may be applicable.

M. All materials generated from a mobile food business that are to be disposed of should be disposed of properly. It is illegal to discharge or dispose of any substance, material, food, or waste into the storm drain system. (Sections 17.84.100, prohibition of discharge into storm drain system; 17.36.220, prohibition against opening manhole covers, of this Code.) (Ord. 31-17, 2017)

Mobile food trucks operating in the public right-of-way shall comply with the following design requirements:

A. Mobile food truck vehicles shall be designed to meet all applicable Salt Lake Valley Health Department requirements relating to the handling and distribution of food.

B. The mobile food truck shall not have a drive-through.

C. Mobile food truck vehicles shall be kept in good operating condition, no peeling paint or rust shall be visible.

D. No mobile food truck vehicle operating in the public right-of-way shall operate within the same block face of another mobile food vendor at any one time.

E. No mobile food truck vehicle shall operate within one hundred feet (100') on the same linear block face of a door to a restaurant, mobile food vendor, food cart, or City authorized special event selling food, except:

1. The above requirement may be waived if the application is submitted with the written consent of the proprietor of such restaurant or shop. The consent shall be on forms deemed appropriate by the Business License Administrator. Such waiver shall not exempt the applicant from compliance with the other location and distance restrictions of this chapter.

F. All grounds utilized by a mobile food business shall at all times be maintained in a clean and attractive condition.

G. Trash and recycling containers shall be provided for use of the business patrons.

H. Mobile food businesses shall source local products when available.

I. Any enclosures or canopy extensions must be integrated into the design of the mobile food business vehicle and must not project onto the public sidewalk or any other part of the public right-of-way not authorized by the Transportation Division. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.100: SIGNS:linklink

No signs shall be used to advertise the conduct of the mobile business at the premises other than that which is physically attached to the vehicle, except temporary signs authorized by section 21A.46.055 of this Code. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)

The performance of professional or personal services for sale shall not be provided from a mobile food truck. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)

The holder shall not be relieved of any responsibility for compliance with the provisions of this chapter, whether the holder pays salary, wages or any other form of compensation to drivers. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)
5.69.130: SPECIAL EVENTS:linklink

The restrictions of this chapter notwithstanding, nothing herein shall prohibit the city from authorizing mobile food businesses, other than those licensed under this chapter, to conduct concurrent vending operations within the public right of way, or such other areas as the city may deem appropriate, during special events (special event vendors). The special event vendors shall not be governed by this chapter, but shall be governed by such other ordinance, city policy, or executive order as may be applicable. However, as long as the public right of way remains open to the general public, such authorization of special event vendors shall not require removal of a permittee under this chapter from operating within his/her designated permit operating location or a mutually acceptable adjacent alternative location during such special event, unless otherwise provided under the city's ordinances. If the city is closing a public right of way to general access, either partially or fully, in order to accommodate a special event, the mobile food business may not access that right of way unless specifically authorized by the city. (Ord. 24-12, 2012)