Article 8. Arts and Culture Commission linklink
2-2-801: Establishment
2-2-802: Jurisdiction And Functions
2-2-803: Administrative Support

2-2-801: ESTABLISHMENT:linklink

There is established an Arts and Culture Commission consisting of five (5) members. (Ord. 19-O-2781, eff. 6-7-2019)

The mission of the Arts and Culture Commission is to promote and nurture the arts and cultural life of the City of Beverly Hills.

The Arts and Culture Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

A. Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters pertaining to the enrichment of the community through fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, digital and media arts, arts education, and community cultural activities, education and events;

B. Serve as an advocate for cultural activities, community cultural programs and events within the City;

C. Promote arts and culture activities of and in the City to broaden the opportunities for residents and visitors' participation in the arts;

D. Implement the City's Fine Art Program, as specified in sections 3-1-801 through 3-1-814 of this Code, including, but not limited to, the purchase of fine art for the public, consideration of donations and loans of public art, hosting art exhibits or art events, and performance of such other duties relating to procurement, display and maintenance of fine art as designated by the City Council;

E. Foster public and private partnerships for providing arts and cultural programming, including enhancing and expanding community cultural events by involving artists, art galleries, fine and visual arts, performing arts, digital and media arts, literary arts and creative arts organizations, the creative community, residents and the business community;

F. Promote access to the highest quality arts and cultural opportunities possible;

G. Encourage the integration of cultural programs and community cultural events into fabric of the City to improve the quality of life for City residents and welcome visitors to the world-class Beverly Hills experience;

H. Encourage and support arts education programs in the community and schools including docent programs or similar;

I. Perform such other duties, not inconsistent with this Code, as may be prescribed by ordinance, resolution, City Council policy or other City Council action. (Ord. 19-O-2781, eff. 6-7-2019)

The Community Services Department shall be responsible for furnishing administrative staff support to the Arts and Culture Commission. (Ord. 19-O-2781, eff. 6-7-2019)