Chapter 1
10-1-1: SHORT TITLE:
10-1-2: AUTHORITY:

10-1-1: SHORT TITLE:linklink

This title shall be known and may be cited as the ZONING AND SETBACK ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF GUERNSEY, WYOMING. (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)
10-1-2: AUTHORITY:linklink

In pursuance of authority conferred by Wyoming Statutes section 15-1-601 et seq., as amended, and for the purposes of promoting the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the town of Guernsey, Wyoming. (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)

In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this title shall be held to be the minimum requirements adopted for the public health, safety and welfare. It is not intended by this title to repeal, abrogate, annul or in any way impair or interfere with the existing provisions or other laws or ordinances, except those specifically repealed by this title, or restrictions placed upon property by covenant, deed or other private agreement. Where this title imposes a greater restriction upon land or structures than is imposed or required by existing provisions of law, ordinance, contract or deed, the provisions of this title shall control. The concept of "spot zoning" shall be specifically repudiated by this title. (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)

To assist in determining the need for a permit, the following general guidelines may be used:

A. Permit Required: A permit shall be required for:

1. Anything that is to be permanently attached to the property. This includes buildings, cement pads, sidewalks, perimeter walls, hedges and fences (even though the fence posts are not cemented in).

2. An enclosed addition to any existing building on the property.

3. Whenever public utilities are required to a facility.

4. Home occupation (see definition, section 10-2-2 of this title).

5. Nonconforming use (see definition, section 10-2-2 of this title).

6. Planned development.

7. Zoning additions or changes.

8. Roofing repair or replacement.

9. Other items covered by this title but not specifically listed in this subsection. (Ord. 12-004, 8-21-2012)

B. Posting: The permit and copy of proposed work description shall be conspicuously posted at the work site. The ordinance enforcement officer is responsible to the town council to see that the permit is posted, and verifies that only the described work is being performed (see definition of "ordinance enforcement officer", section 10-2-2 of this title).

C. Permit Not Required: A permit will not be required for:

1. Any portable building (see definition, section 10-2-2 of this title). (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)

2. Any building repair or interior remodeling. (Ord. 06-09-002, 10-4-2005)

D. Waivers: Waivers of the zoning and setback requirements may be granted using the following procedure:

1. A written request and explanation of circumstances shall accompany the request for waiver.

2. The request must be presented, in person, to the planning and zoning commission at a scheduled meeting1.

3. A majority vote in favor must be obtained from the planning and zoning members present. The town council will then determine whether or not to allow all or part of the waiver. (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)

E. Cost Of Permit: The rate schedule used to determine the cost of the building permit shall be kept on file at the clerk-treasurer's office at the Guernsey town hall. This rate may be periodically reviewed and changed as required. (Ord. 06-09-002, 10-4-2005)
10-1-5: OFFICIAL ZONING MAP:linklink

The town is hereby divided into zones or districts, as shown on the official zoning map, which together with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby adopted and declared to be a part of this title. (Ord. 04-07-003, 8-9-2003)

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Footnote 1: Note: In certain cases a consent, in writing, may be required from the applicant's neighbors.