Article IV. Licenses; Special linklink
5.04.210: Temporary
5.04.220: Special Event Permit; Application
5.04.230: Special Event Permit; Notice And Duration
5.04.240: Special Club; Restrictions

5.04.210: TEMPORARY:linklink

The board shall have the authority, after such investigation as it deems proper, to issue a temporary license pending the processing of an application for a permanent license; provided, however, that at the time any such temporary license is issued by the board, a full and complete application for a license shall be on file with the License Department. (Ord. 541, 2018)

A. A special event permit is required for each and every special event, despite the fact that each applicant, host, promoter or person in charge of the event may hold a liquor license, if that event is to be held in a location or on premises different from those for which the liquor license was granted.

B. Application for a special event permit must be made in writing to the License Department and describe the nature of the special event, the date of the event, and the location applicable to the permit. In approving a special event permit, the board may impose such conditions upon the permit as deemed necessary and proper.

C. A special event conducted in a public place must be generally accessible by the public. (Ord. 541, 2018)

A. Any applicant may make a request to the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the board and upon a showing of good cause, the Chairman or Vice Chairman may grant, deny or conditionally grant a special event permit.

B. Notice of the granting of a special event permit shall be granted in writing to:

1. The applicant;

2. The Sheriff;

3. The County Clerk; and

4. The District Attorney's Office.

C. Except as provided in subsection D of this section, a special event permit may be issued for a maximum period not exceeding three (3) consecutive days.

D. A nonprofit organization or club which holds multiple or regularly scheduled special events may apply for and receive a single special event permit for an entire calendar year, which:

1. Permits the selling of liquor at special events on multiple specific dates; or

2. Permits the selling of liquor at special events which the nonprofit organization or club holds on a monthly or other regular schedule (i.e., the first Friday of each month). (Ord. 176 § 6, 1995: Ord. 101 § 23(b), (d), 1983)

A. A special club license shall operate within the following guidelines:

1. Access to a facility with a special club license shall be restricted to members and guest(s) accompanied by a member. Restriction of access shall be accomplished by locking the front door to:

a. Prevent free entry;

b. Check membership at the door, or the like.

2. Intoxicating liquors may be served only to members or guests accompanied by a member.

3. The licensee shall maintain competitive pricing of intoxicating beverages, and in no case shall intoxicating beverages be sold at a price less than cost.

4. Waiver of any or all of these guidelines may be accomplished by submission of a written request and procurement of approval of a majority of members of the board.

5. The license issued for the sale and consumption of alcoholic liquors shall be restricted to the club's premises.

6. Before any club license is issued by the board authorizing the sale of alcoholic beverages, the applicant therefor shall submit a written application to the License Department on a form provided by the department and shall comply with the following:

a. Contain the name of a member;

b. Contain a description of the character and purpose of the organization; and

c. Be signed by a duly authorized member of the organization.

7. The holder of a club license may apply for a special event permit for the sale and consumption of alcoholic liquors at places other than its own premises upon processing its application for a special event permit as provided in this chapter.

8. The club must maintain an up-to-date list of all club members that is readily available for review by the License Department.

B. No special club license shall be granted to any existing brothel owner, or to any person, association or corporation seeking to obtain a special club license to be housed in a building compromising, containing or contiguous to a brothel. (Ord. 541, 2018)