Chapter 5
CITY LAKESlinklink
7-5-10: DUCK BLINDS:
7-5-11: TRAPPING:

7-5-1: DEFINITION:linklink

For the purpose of this chapter, the term "lake" shall mean and include the two (2) Holdenville city lakes, commonly known as Holdenville lake and "The Old Lake". (1985 Code § 11-201)

A. Garbage:

1. No garbage or other trash shall be dumped or placed in the lake, or on the lake, or the adjacent land belonging to the city.

2. All garbage shall be placed in containers provided by the city.

B. Unused Bait; Animal Flesh: No person shall throw into, or permit to enter the lake, or place, throw or deposit upon the premises surrounding the lake any unused bait, flesh of animals or fish, or other matter subject to putrefaction, or any human or animal excreta, or any other unsanitary or unsightly thing. (1985 Code § 11-202)

C. Glass Containers: There shall be no glass containers permitted upon the Holdenville lake or lake property. Glass food containers will be permitted, but must be removed when leaving the lake property. Anyone in violation of this subsection will be fined, said fine to be fifty dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 577, 6-7-1994)

A. Driving In Designated Areas Only: It is unlawful for any motorcycle, four (4) wheeler, dirt bike not licensed by the state, or any other vehicle to operate any place on the lake premises, except on designated roads or areas as demarcated by the lake superintendent.

B. Motorcycles; Secondary Roads; Hours Restricted: It is unlawful to operate a motorcycle on the lake secondary roads from dark to daylight of any day.

C. Three Wheeled Vehicles Prohibited: Three (3) wheeled vehicles shall not be operated on any lake property. (1985 Code § 11-203; amd. 2004 Code)
7-5-4: SWIMMING IN LAKE:linklink

A. Public swimming is permitted in the Holdenville lake.

B. People will be swimming at their own risk.

C. No life guards will be on duty.

D. The hours of swimming will be from sunup until sundown.

E. Swimming is to be confined to the designated swimming area only.

F. There shall be no alcoholic beverages of any kind in or near the land or water area.

G. There shall be no foul language in the area.

H. No sharp or glass objects are to be thrown in swimming area.

I. There shall be no disorderly conduct.

J. No children under the age of twelve (12) shall be permitted to wade or swim in the swimming area unless accompanied by an adult at least eighteen (18) years old. (1985 Code § 11-204)
7-5-5: PICNICS, REGULATIONS:linklink

A. Cleanup: All persons holding picnics or other group gatherings on the lake must clean and remove all trash and refuse in areas where there are no trash containers.

B. Fires: All fires must be properly extinguished before leaving the area. (1985 Code § 11-205)

A. Discharge Of Firearms, Bow And Arrow: It is unlawful to discharge any firearm around or on the lake, except under the following conditions:

1. Duck hunting will be allowed during the annual duck season as established by federal regulations.

2. Quail hunting will be allowed during the annual quail season as established by state regulations. (1985 Code § 11-206)

3. Squirrel hunting will be allowed by shotgun or bow and arrow only during the annual squirrel season as established by state regulations.

4. Deer hunting will be allowed with bow and arrow only, in state regulated season and with proper license.

5. The lake superintendent shall have the authority to authorize skeet and turkey shoots.

6. The lake superintendent may also authorize such licensed persons as he may deem fit to use firearms in the destruction of turtles, beavers, and snakes around the lakes, to protect water quality, public safety and fishing areas. (1985 Code § 11-206; amd. 2004 Code)

B. Use During Activities: The use of rifles or pistols is expressly prohibited in any activity unless authorized by the lake superintendent under this section. (1985 Code § 11-206)
7-5-7: FISHING RULES:linklink

A. Compliance With State Laws: All persons who fish, spear, or bow fish in or around the lake pursuant to this section shall abide by all of the applicable fishing laws of the state.

B. Boating Permit Required: All boats used for fishing purposes must possess a current lake Holdenville boating permit.

C. Possession Of Bass: It is unlawful for any person to have in their possession any largemouth or smallmouth bass less than ten inches (10") in length.

D. Trotlines: It is unlawful for any person to place a trotline, regardless of type or size, within the designated skiing area of the lake between April 1 and October 1 of any given year.

E. Gill Or Trammel Nets Prohibited: The use of any gill or trammel net, regardless of size or type, is prohibited anywhere upon the lakes. (1985 Code § 11-207)

A. Permission Required: Any group or club planning a fishing outing or tournament must obtain permission from the superintendent at least ten (10) days prior to the event.

B. Boating Permit: Each boat participating in such an outing must possess a current boating permit.

C. Authority To Prohibit: The lake superintendent, with the authority of the city council, shall have the power to prohibit a fishing tournament. (1985 Code § 11-208)
7-5-9: HUNTING ACTIVITIES:linklink

A. Permit Required; Fee: All persons engaged in hunting activities as prescribed in previous sections and this section shall obtain an annual permit from the lake superintendent or from the city clerk-treasurer's office. The fee for such permit shall be five dollars ($5.00).

B. Compliance With State Game Laws: All persons engaged in hunting activities shall do so pursuant to the game laws of the state.

C. Rifle Or Pistol Prohibited; Exception: Hunting with a rifle or pistol is prohibited. Shotguns with pellets only are allowed. (1985 Code § 11-209; amd. 2004 Code)
7-5-10: DUCK BLINDS:linklink

A. Permit Required; Fee: No duck blinds shall be built upon the lakes without first securing a permit, in addition to the hunting permit, from the lake superintendent. The annual duck blind permit fee shall be five dollars ($5.00). (1985 Code § 11-210; amd. 2004 Code)

B. Location Restriction: No duck blind shall be built closer to another existing blind than two hundred (200) yards.

C. Car Or Truck Bodies Prohibited: No car or truck bodies will be allowed to be used as duck blinds. (1985 Code § 11-210)
7-5-11: TRAPPING:linklink

Trappers will be allowed on the city lakes pursuant to the applicable game laws of the state and with the permission of the lake superintendent. (1985 Code § 11-211)
7-5-12: TAKING FROGS FROM LAKES:linklink

A. Gigs And Lights Permitted: Frogs may be taken on the lakes by use of frog spears (gigs) and lights.

B. Nets, Seines And Firearms Prohibited: No frogs may be taken on the lakes by the use of nets or seines, or by the use of firearms. (1985 Code § 11-212)

A. Boating Permits; Fees:

1. It is unlawful for any person to place or use any boat on the lake unless a current permit has been issued for such boat. Residents of the city and county shall purchase their permits at the office of the city clerk-treasurer. Out-of-county residents shall obtain their permits from the lake superintendent. (1985 Code § 11-213)

2. The fee for the permit shall be:

a. The annual permit for county residents shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for boats with less than twenty five (25) horsepower motor, or twenty five dollars ($25.00) for boats with twenty five (25) horsepower motor or more.

b. The annual permit for out-of-county residents shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) regardless of the horsepower of the craft, or a daily permit of six dollars ($6.00).

c. Daily permits for in-county residents may be obtained from the lake superintendent for four dollars ($4.00) for weekdays (Monday through Saturday) and five dollars ($5.00) per day for Sundays and holidays.

d. Dealer's license shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year.

3. The annual license of each boat shall be designated by the proper sticker which must be displayed immediately behind the license on the left side of the boat, and an annual sticker shall also be placed on the tongue of the boat trailer. (1985 Code § 11-213; amd. 2004 Code)

4. Current full time city employees and retired city employees shall be issued a boating permit sticker at no charge by the city clerk-treasurer. Should an employee terminate his employment with the city, or should the city terminate a person's employment, that person shall be required to purchase a new boating permit.

5. Any second violation of any provision of this subsection, upon conviction in city court, shall result in automatic cancellation of the permit of such holder. The convicted holder shall not be eligible for another boating permit until the next calendar year.

6. An annual permit issued under this subsection shall be valid for the calendar year, unless sooner suspended or revoked. (1985 Code § 11-213)

B. Owner Responsibility: All boat owners are fully responsible for the operation of their boats on the lakes whether being controlled by the owner or used by someone else as the operator, with or without the boat owner's permission. (1985 Code § 11-214)

C. Size Restrictions: Outboard motors of any size or type may be used on the lakes, as long as the horsepower rating of the motor does not exceed that of the boat. (1985 Code § 11-215)

D. Speed, Reckless Operations:

1. All boats shall be operated at a reasonably safe speed and in such a manner as to avoid interfering with or disturbing persons fishing.

2. Motor propelled boats shall not come nearer than seventy five feet (75') to any bank, dock, other boats, or the tower, while cruising at speeds such as to create a visible wake.

3. Boats within the launching ramp area shall move only at such speed as shall not create a visible wake. (1985 Code § 11-216)

E. Boat Safety Rules:

1. All motorboats used at night shall carry proper lights, as governed by state law and coast guard regulations. All rowboats and other nonmotor propelled boats used at night shall have a minimum of one light shining.

2. No boat shall be overloaded while upon the lakes. The lake superintendent shall be the sole judge as to whether or not a boat is overloaded in any instance in which a boat does not possess a listed load limit.

3. All motor propelled boats must carry at least one coast guard approved portable fire extinguisher, which is readily accessible, and in good serviceable condition.

4. No person shall operate any boat unless there is at least one flotation device for each person in the boat approved by the U.S. coast guard.

5. No person shall operate any boat or vessel, or manipulate any water skis while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance included in the uniform controlled dangerous drug act of the state of Oklahoma1.

6. The use of rubber boats or rafts of less than twelve feet (12') in length is prohibited except within the designated swimming area.

7. No person shall ride on or in any motorboat being operated on lake Holdenville except in a seat provided by the boat manufacturer for passenger or operator of the boat.

8. Persons inexperienced in boat operating or persons under the age of fourteen (14) years shall not operate a motor propelled boat on the lakes unless accompanied by an adult experienced in boat operations.

9. Small paddle boats, propelled by foot driven propulsion as may be approved by the lake superintendent, may be operated anywhere on the lake but no more than fifty feet (50') from the shoreline.

10. No person shall operate a boat on the lake, whether pulling skiers or not pulling skiers, closer than three hundred feet (300') behind a skier at any time, or closer than one hundred feet (100') to the side of a skier. (1985 Code § 11-217)

A. Permit Required; Fees:

1. Permit: Due to the increased use of jet skis on the Holdenville lake, the city will require that permits be purchased for such vehicles.

2. Fees: The fees for such vehicles shall be the same as set forth in the Holdenville municipal lake rules and ordinances for boats.

a. The fees shall be as follows: (Ord. 573, 8-3-1993)

Fifty dollars ($50.00) for all out-of-county boats for annual permit.

Six dollars ($6.00) for all out-of-county boats for daily permit.

Twenty five dollars ($25.00) for all in-county boats twenty five (25) horsepower or more for annual permit.

Ten dollars ($10.00) for all in-county boats under twenty five (25) horsepower for annual permit.

Four dollars ($4.00) for in-county weekday permit (Monday through Saturday).

Five dollars ($5.00) for in-county on Sundays or holidays (daily permit). (Ord. 573, 8-3-1993; amd. 2004 Code)

b. These fees shall henceforth apply to all jet skis in use on the Holdenville lake.

B. Safety Rules; Skiing Pattern: Jet skis shall be required to follow the same skiing and boating safety rules and skiing pattern as boats. (Ord. 573, 8-3-1993)

C. Designated Areas: Jet propelled ski bikes are to be used only in the designated skiing area of the lake. (1985 Code § 11-218; amd. 2004 Code)

A. Privilege Granted:

1. Water skiers' privileges shall be granted on lake Holdenville, only under the terms and conditions prescribed in this section, and the city assumes no responsibility for such activities.

2. The privilege of water skiing on lake Holdenville will be automatically revoked upon the second violation of any provision of this section. (1985 Code § 11-219)

B. Restrictions:

1. No skiers shall be permitted on the lake between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise.

2. Skiing outside the designated area shall be unlawful. (1985 Code § 11-220)

3. No more than two (2) skiers are to be pulled by any one boat at any time except on designated special occasions, such as water carnivals and other special events. (1985 Code § 11-220; amd. 2004 Code)

4. It is unlawful for any person to manipulate water skis, surfboards or similar devices unless the person being towed is wearing a coast guard approved flotation device.

5. No boat shall operate on lake Holdenville while pulling skiers unless such boat possesses a rear view mirror, or unless there is another individual behind the operator of the boat above twelve (12) years of age. (1985 Code § 11-220)

C. Required Pattern, Takeoff: Skiers will use a counterclockwise pattern at all times. Ski takeoffs will be permitted from any point within the designated ski area, except in the immediate vicinity of the boat launching ramp and the lake tower. (1985 Code § 11-221)

D. Other Skiing Safety Rules:

1. Tow ropes must be pulled in immediately after a skier has dropped off, regardless of the circumstances.

2. No person shall drop a ski on the lake unless there is another boat present and available to pick it up immediately, for the safety of other skiers. (1985 Code § 11-222)
7-5-16: CAMPING REGULATIONS:linklink

A. Fees:

1. All camping fees (permits) shall be issued by the lake superintendent or such other agent appointed the lake superintendent. The paid reservation and occupancy rules for campers relating to their paid reserved area shall be enforced by the lake superintendent, whose interpretation shall be binding on all parties.

2. Campers shall be charged a fee of five dollars ($5.00) per night per tent, camper, motorhome or any other camping unit in primitive camp sites. Campsites with electric only are ten dollars ($10.00) per night per camping unit, and campsites with electric and water are fifteen dollars ($15.00) per night per camping unit. (1985 Code § 11-223; amd. 2004 Code)

B. Designated Areas:

1. Overnight camping will be permitted only in those areas designated by the lake superintendent.

2. Overnight camping in boats or on the water, whether moored or tied to the bank, will not be permitted. (1985 Code § 11-224)

3. Noncampers are not permitted in the designated camping areas, or on Holdenville city lake property from the hours of twelve thirty o'clock (12:30) A.M. until five o'clock (5:00) A.M., except for fishermen checking existing lines. (1985 Code § 11-224; amd. 2004 Code)

C. Rules And Regulations: Campers shall abide by all the laws, rules and regulations of this section and other sections of the city code. (1985 Code § 11-225)

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Footnote 1: 63 OS § 2-101 et seq.