Chapter 8
9-8-8: PENALTY:

9-8-1: OPERATION OF BICYCLES1:linklink

A. Observation Of Traffic Rules:

1. All persons riding bicycles upon any street or sidewalk within the City shall obey all Traffic Ordinances and rules as to traffic lights and highway and street stop signs and shall be required to signal any change of direction or course of travel in the same manner as such signals are required under the law governing the use of motor vehicles and shall not turn to the right or left in traffic except at regular intersections of streets, alleys or driveways. (1978 Code §23-66; amd. 1994 Code)

2. All persons riding bicycles upon any street, sidewalk or bike lane within the City shall observe all ordinances and rules as to traffic limits and shall make full and complete stops at official stop signs.

3. In addition, all persons riding bicycles shall be subject to the provisions of ordinances applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle, except as to those provisions which, by their very nature, can have no application. (1978 Code §23-66)

B. Method Of Riding:

1. A bicycle rider shall not ride other than astride a permanent and regular bicycle seat.

2. No rider of a bicycle intended for one person shall carry a second person on any part of the bicycle, except infants may be carried when a suitable and proper seat is provided.

3. No person riding a bicycle shall carry any package, bundle or article which would prevent the rider from keeping both hands on the handlebars. (1978 Code §23-68)

C. Riding On Roadways: Persons riding bicycles on the roadway shall not ride more than two (2) abreast and, on laned roadways, shall ride within a single lane. No bicyclist shall ride so as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. (Ord. 15-4635, 8-18-2015)

D. Careful Riding: No person shall ride or propel a bicycle upon any sidewalk or roadway except in a prudent and careful manner. (1978 Code §23-69)

E. Riding On Sidewalk:

1. No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk in the Central Downtown Business District. The Central Downtown Business District is the area bounded by and including Capitol Street to the west, Burlington Street to the south, Gilbert Street to the east, and Jefferson Street to the north. (Ord. 97-3788, 6-3-1997)

2. Whenever any person is riding a bicycle upon a sidewalk, such person shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give audible signal before overtaking and passing such pedestrian. (1978 Code §23-64; amd. Ord. 97-3765, 1-14-1997)

F. Riding On Bikeways: No person shall ride or operate a bicycle within a bicycle lane or path in any direction except that permitted by vehicular traffic traveling on the same side of the roadway, provided bicycles may proceed either way along a lane or path where arrows or signs designate two-way bicycle traffic. (1978 Code §23-70)
9-8-2: PARKING BICYCLES:linklink

Regardless of any other provision of this title, no person shall park a bicycle on a street or alley in such a manner as to obstruct pedestrian or motor vehicle travel. Any bicycle within one block or three hundred feet (300') of a bicycle rack must be parked in such a rack. Any bicycle parked on public property in a commercial district shall not be attached to poles, parking meters, except parking meters equipped with a bicycle rack, signs, trees, trash receptacles, street hardware or any other permanent structure. (Ord. 96-3710, 1-23-1996)

A. Reflectors: All bicycles shall be equipped with reflective surfaces visible at three hundred feet (300') from the rear when viewed in front of lawful lower beams of headlamps on a motor vehicle. Reflective materials may be mounted on each side of each pedal. If the bicycle is not equipped with reflective surfaces as required herein, no person shall use said bicycle from sunset to sunrise unless the bicycle displays or driver wears a lamp on the back part of the bicycle, and the lamp shall emit a red light visible from a distance of at least three hundred feet (300') from the back of the bicycle.

B. Headlights At Night: All bicycles used from sunset to sunrise shall display or their drivers shall wear a lamp on the front part of the bicycle, and the lamp shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least three hundred feet (300') from the front of the bicycle. (1978 Code §23-62) (Ord. 19-4802, 8-20-2019)

A. No person shall drive a motor vehicle in a bicycle path, lane or parking area or park any motor vehicles in such a path, lane or parking area. Motorized bicycles, motor bicycles and mopeds are prohibited from parking in bicycle parking areas, except as otherwise allowed pursuant to subsection B of this section. (Ord. 11-4440, 8-2-2011, eff. 1-1-2012)

B. The city manager, or designee, is hereby authorized to install signs permitting motor vehicles to be parked in a designated bicycle lane, bicycle path or parking area during specific times and days. When such signs are present, motor vehicle parking shall be permitted only during those times specifically stated on the signs. (1978 Code §23-71; amd. 1994 Code; Ord. 97-3765, 1-14-1997)

Any person who knowingly makes any false statement of a material fact, either in the application for a city bicycle license or in the transfer of same, or who intends to procure or pass title to a bicycle which the person knows or has reason to believe has been stolen or who receives or transfers possession which the person knows or has reason to believe has been stolen shall be deemed guilty of a simple misdemeanor. (1978 Code §23-74; amd. 1994 Code)
9-8-6: PARKING VIOLATIONS:linklink

A. Impoundment Of Bicycles:

1. On finding a bicycle is: a) abandoned; b) inoperable; or c) unattended at a place where the bicycle constitutes an obstruction to vehicle or pedestrian traffic or constitutes an imminent threat to the health, safety or welfare of the public or is in violation of an existing parking ordinance, the police department or any officer, agent or employee of the city so designated may remove or cause the removal of such bicycle to a place designated by the chief of police for the storage of impounded bicycles. (Ord. 15-4635, 8-18-2015)

2. Upon impoundment of such bicycle, the city shall notify the last known owner of such impoundment by first class mail. At the time of impoundment, the city may cause to be filed a citation pursuant to state law upon the owner or driver of such bicycle at the time of impoundment. The owner or driver may reclaim such bicycle upon presentation of proof of ownership or by a notarized declaration of ownership and by accepting such citation and signing a promise to appear and payment of any accrued fees and charges. Such fees and charges shall be set by resolution.

3. If impoundment requires the destruction of a chain, padlock or other security device, agents or employees designated to enforce the parking ordinances of the city or any peace officer are hereby authorized to destroy such security devices. (1978 Code §23-72; amd. 1994 Code)

B. Owner Prima Facie Responsible For Parking Violations:

1. If any bicycle is found stopped, standing, parked, or abandoned in any manner in violation of this title and the identity of the driver cannot be determined, the owner shall be held prima facie responsible for such violation. (Ord. 01-3992, 12-11-2001)

2. In the event the City is unable to ascertain the owner, or the owner does not claim the bicycle within three (3) calendar months from the date of impoundment, the City shall, except as noted below, cause such bicycle to be sold at a public auction. Notice of such disposition shall be published pursuant to State law governing abandoned vehicles. In lieu of selling said bicycle at public auction, the City may donate it to: a) a nonprofit organization or entity which serves low income/disadvantaged youth or families in Johnson County, Iowa, for use by members of the population served; b) a low income/disadvantaged youth; or c) a homeless individual who has no other means of transportation. (Ord. 17-4697, 3-7-2017)

3. Proceeds from sales and impoundment fees shall be used to defray the costs of bicycle registration and bicycle facilities. (1978 Code §23-73)

The provisions of sections 9-8-1, 9-8-3, and 9-8-5 of this chapter apply to electric assist bicycles in the same manner and to the same extent as they apply to bicycles. (Ord. 19-4786, 4-2-2019)
9-8-8: PENALTY:linklink

Violation of this chapter is a simple misdemeanor punishable by a fine of fifteen dollars ($15.00). (Ord. 19-4807, 10-1-2019)

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Footnote 1: See subsection 10-5-3A of this Code, bicycles in City Plaza.