Chapter 4
11-402: OFFICERS:
11-403: DUTIES:


There shall be a library department, which shall be under the supervision and control of a library board of at least five (5) but not more than nine (9) directors, chosen by the city council from the citizens of the city. Directors appointed to the library board shall hold office for a term of three (3) years from May 1 following their appointment and their terms shall be staggered. The city council may remove any director for misconduct or neglect of duty. Vacancies in the library board shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments. The city council shall designate the date of termination of each of such directors and each term will end on May 1 of that year. The members shall serve without compensation. (2000 Code § 11-401)
11-402: OFFICERS:linklink

Every year at the first meeting of the board after May 1, the board of directors shall elect a chairperson and vice chairperson from its own membership, and a secretary who need not be a member of the board. The board shall determine the time and place of its regular meetings and the city manager, the chairperson or any three (3) members of the board of directors may call special meetings of the board. (2000 Code § 11-402)
11-403: DUTIES:linklink

The board shall supervise and control the public library of the city. It may recommend the appointment or removal of the librarian, but the actual appointment or removal of the librarian will be made by the city council, either directly or through its city manager. The board may recommend for appointment or removal temporary, part time or full time employees, but such appointment or removal shall be made by the city council acting directly or through its city manager. The board shall adopt and may change regulations for the administration and operation of the library and may impose fines or suitable penalties for loss of or failure to timely return or damage of library books and materials. The librarian, subject to the authority of the library board of directors, shall have the supervision and control of the library, including all personnel thereof. (2000 Code § 11-403)