17.52.040 Uses.

The following uses are permitted (P), special (S), or not permitted (N) in the C-1, C-2 and C-3 zones:

C-1 C-2 C-3
Accessory buildings and uses N P P
Apartment house N S S
Appliance and furniture sale
and service N P P
Arcade N P P
Art and artist supplies S P P
Athletic club N P P
Athletic goods store N P P
Auto carwash N P P
Automobile agency (including
RV sales) N P P
Automobile rental agency N P P
Automobile service station P P P
Automobile and industrial
sales and service N P P
Automotive machine shop N P P
Bakery N P P
Bar N P P
Barber shop P P P
Beauty shop P P P
Bicycle shop P P P
Bookstore (see definitions) S P P
Bowling alley N P P
Building in excess of two and
one-half stores or thirty-
five feet N S S
Bus terminal N P P
Cafe N P P
Cafeteria N P P
Candy store P P P
Caretaker's quarters N S S
Casino N P P
Catering and lunch services N P P
Clothing store N P P
Coal and fuel sales office N S P
Convenience store P P P
Corrals N N S
Costume rental N P P
Cutlery services and sales P P P
Dancehall N P P
Department store N P P
Delicatessen P P P
Drapery store N P P
Dress-making shop N P P
Drive-in and refreshment
facility N P P
Dry goods store N P P
Drugstore N P P
Electrical/hearing sales and
service N P P
Electronics sales and ser-
vice N P P
Employment agency N P P
Feed and seed lots N S P
Film shop S P P
Fish shop N P P
Fix-it shop S P P
Floor covering sales N P P
Florist N P P
Fruit and vegetable stand N P P
Fountain equipment supplies N P P
Frozen food lockers N P P
Gift shop P P P
Greenhouse/nursery N S P
Grocery store N P P
Glass sales and installation N P P
Golf course (miniature) N S S
Gun shop N P P
Gymnasium N P P
Hardware store N P P
Health food store N P P
Hobby and craft shop S P P
Horse arena N N S
Hotel N P P
Ice cream store N P P
Ice storage N P P
Interior decorating store N P P
Insulation sales and service N P P
Janitorial sales and service N P P
Jewelry store N P P
Key sales and service N P P
Laboratory N S S
Laundromat N P P
Laundry and dry cleaning S S P
Leather goods sales N P P
Library N P P
Limited industry use (on a
case-by-case basis) N S S
Liquor store N P P
Lumber yard (fully enclosed) N P P
Machinery and equipment sales N S P
Manufacturing of goods for re-
tail sales on the premises N S S
Mini-storage units N S S
Mobile home or a one-family
dwelling N S S
Mobile homes used as watch-
men's quarters N S S
Mobile home park N S S
Mobile home sales N S S
Modular buildings S S S
Motel/lodging N P P
Mortuaries N P P
Motorcycle and service fa-
cilities N P P
Movie house (see definitions) N P P
Museum N P P
Music store N P P
Newspaper vendors P P P
Night club N P P
Novelty shop P P P
Offices, business/pro-
fessional N P P
Office supply sales and
service N P P
Outside lumber sales N S S
Paint store N P P
Paper product sales N P P
Parking lot (commercial) S S S
Pawnshop N S S
Pest control shop N S S
Pet shop N P P
Photographic sales N P P
Printing office N P P
Post office (branch) P P P
Public buildings P P P
Public parking lot S P P
Public utilities N S S
Public utilities and com-
munications buildings/
substations necessary
for public use S S S
Public utilities and com-
munications rights-of-
way necessary for public
service S S S
Race track N N N
Radio and television
stations N P P
Reception center N S S
Recreational facilities S S S
Recreational vehicle sales
and service N S S
Recreational vehicle park N S S
Rental center (small equip-
ment only) N P P
Repair garage N P P
Retail sales outlet N P P
Restaurant N P P
Roofing sales N P P
Secondhand store N P P
Self-service gas station P P P
Sewing machine shop N P P
Service business (small
scale) S P P
Shoe sale and repair N P P
Shopping mall N P P
Signs as follows: business
identification property,
public information and
advertising (must comply
with state and federal
regulations) N P P
Sign sales and services N P P
Skating rink N P P
Studios N P P
Swimming pool N P P
Substations N S P
Tailor shop N P P
Tavern N P P
Taxi service N P P
Temporary buildings, uses
incidental to construc-
tion work N S S
Tire sales N P P
Tobacco shop N P P
Towel and linen service N P P
Toy store N P P
Trade and vocational school N P P
Transfer company N S P
Travel bureau S P P
Trucking service station N S S
Truck stop N S S
Trucking yard or terminal N S S
Upholstery shop N P P
Utility and communication
facilities and corridor
rights-of-way necessary
for public service N S S
Variety store S P P
Video rental and sales
(see definitions) N P P
Warehouse (including mini-
warehouse) N S S
Wedding chapel N S P
Wholesale outlets N S S
Wholesale storage (and/or
warehouses as an incidental
use to permitted wholesale
or retail business) N P P
Wrecking yard N S S
Other uses commission deems
similar S S S

(Ord. 203 15(part), 1987).