Why Codification?

Codifying ordinances is an essential part of an efficiently run municipality, however it usually takes a back seat to other more pressing issues.  Sterling Codifiers can assume this essential part of your day to day operations.


Why use Sterling Codifiers?

  • We review all your ordinances and create a code book that contains your current legislation in a format that is professional and easy to use.
  • We have trained staff whose sole purpose is to make sure the intent of each ordinance is codified correctly, looking for potential concerns or discrepancies within the ordinance itself and with other parts of your code.
  • We provide continuity for your code over the years no matter the changes in your municipality’s staff or administration.
  • We communicate -- we do not just cut and paste what you provide to us.  Each ordinance is reviewed by several of our experienced staff and any concerns we find, are communicated to you.
  • We host and maintain your code on the internet.  We have developed a web page that is easy to navigate and allows you and your citizens access to the code at any time. 


With over 55 years of experience and dedication to excellence, Sterling Codifiers  has proven itself as a leader in the codification industry.  Become a client and let us show you what we can do for your municipality.