Services and Products

Sterling Codifiers leads the industry in providing quality services and products.

Each new code and supplement receives:

  • Content review of legislation for provisions that are conflicting, duplicated, inconsistent, obsolete or contain vague language.
  • A check of state statute references for current regulations.
  • Publication in a uniform, professional format.
  • Custom binders and tabs.

Additional hard copy services include:

  • Supplement distribution directly to individual departments.
  • Private subscriber supplement distribution.
  • Booklets of specifically requested titles for departmental use or resale to the public. (No minimum order requirement.)
  • Full code reprints. (No minimum order requirement.)

Sterling Codifiers can also host your code online.

  • Unlimited users—staff and public.
  • Web based access 24 hours a day through any modern browser; no specialized software needed.
  • Full code searching with results synchronized to the table of contents.
  • Jump links to internal code sections.
  • Simultaneous update: Your online code will be updated by the time you receive the hard copy of your supplement.
  • Pending ordinance notification to keep users abreast of new laws while your next supplement is being prepared. Pending ordinances will be posted usually within 24 hours of receipt to an "ordinances pending codification" folder and each affected section of text will be linked to the new ordinance.

Sterling's pending ordinances are fully searchable through the online code viewer.

  • Accessibility for certain mobile devices.
  • By creating its own interface for electronic codes, as technology advances Sterling can easily adapt to offer new features to enhance your online code viewing experience.

Encouraging online use saves resources, including your time and effort. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Free sample ordinances are also available.

Browse a virtual library of state specific legislation with Sterling's newest offering, sample legislation. A no charge service, use this search—which draws from Sterling's entire online codes database—to find active legislation whenever you need a sample for drafting your own laws, day or night. (Personal assistance finding sample ordinances continues to be complimentary for Sterling's current clients. Business hours are on the contact page.)