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Search our online codes database by state to find legislation from municipalities and counties with regulatory needs and state requirements similar to your own. Free to all users, statewide search is a great resource for finding sample text to use in your own legislation.

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Featured Ordinances

 E-Cigarettes: Click here to view ordinance

Featured ordinance disclaimer:

Featured ordinances are intended ONLY to give the reader ideas of what regulations other Sterling clients are enforcing and to provoke some thought as to issues you may want to consider as you do your research in preparation for drafting your own legislation. As these featured ordinances are from many different areas of the United States, there may be state regulations that prohibit these types of regulations or enforce stricter regulations in your state.

Sterling Codifiers has not participated in drafting any of these featured ordinances, nor does Sterling Codifiers represent that these ordinances meet the requirements of the state from which these featured ordinances came. Sterling Codifiers does not take any responsibility as to the validity of these regulations or samples. If you use the featured ordinances for any purpose, you do so at your own risk. Please contact your attorney before drafting any ordinances based on these ordinances to check how they comply with your state statutes.