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For over half a century, we at Sterling Codifiers have been working to be the nation's best codifier. Why are we the best? We communicate with you. We are a natural extension of your staff, dedicated to reviewing and publishing your ordinances.

Our goal is to ensure the true intent of your ordinance is codified. What matters to us is the quality of the job we do. If we run into an issue, we do not just let it pass by; we bring it to your attention and help you fix it. Why are we better than our competitors? In short, we communicate with you.

We pride ourselves in our trusted staff and clients. We not only believe that we perform the highest quality service, our clients say so.

Founded over 55 years ago, Sterling Codifiers is now in its third generation as a family owned company, with Rob Rollins and his wife Jill being the current owners.

Sterling Codifiers

3906 Schreiber Way

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815


Phone: (208) 665-7193



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Monday - Thursday 7 AM to 4 PM PST 

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Sterling Codifiers cannot answer questions regarding regulations -- All questions regarding regulations must be directed to the municipality.

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