Chapter 2.92
2.92.010: ADOPTED:
2.92.020: FEES:

2.92.010: ADOPTED: linklink

Chapter 63-2 of the Utah code, government records access and management act (GRAMA), is hereby adopted as the government records access and management ordinance for Lehi City and incorporated into this chapter. Those portions of chapter 63-2 of the Utah code that do not apply to municipalities are not adopted herein. (Ord. 11-27-07.76 § 2, 2007)
2.92.020: FEES: linklink

The following fees are applicable to GRAMA requests:

A. Staff time hourly rates:

Department heads     $50.00  
Supervisory staff     40.00  
Professional staff     30.00  
Support staff     20.00  

B. Where circumstances require the city to employ independent contractors to retrieve or compile requested information due to the unavailability of employee staff, the actual hourly rate charged by the contractor to the city will be charged to the requesting party.

C. Copy costs for standard eight and one-half (81/2) by eleven inch (11") pages will be twenty five cents ($0.25) per page. An additional charge will apply for larger documents such as maps, plans, colored documents, etc., as is customarily charged for providing such documents to the public. (Ord. 11-27-07.76 § 2, 2007)