Article 4. Single-Family Residential Zones linklink
10-4-401: Scope
10-4-402: Real Estate Signs
10-4-403: Building Identification Signs
10-4-404: Construction Signs
10-4-405: Lighted Signs
10-4-406: Number Of Signs Permitted
10-4-407: Signs Inside Buildings
10-4-408: Ground Signs
10-4-409: Prohibited Locations
10-4-410: Security Protection Signs

10-4-401: SCOPE: linklink

The regulations set forth in this article shall apply specifically to single-family residential zones. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-402: REAL ESTATE SIGNS: linklink

Real estate signs shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) square inches in area, including all riders. Signs with more than one face shall not be permitted. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)

Building identification signs shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) square inches in area. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-404: CONSTRUCTION SIGNS: linklink

Construction signs shall not be permitted. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-405: LIGHTED SIGNS: linklink

Lighted or illuminated signs shall not be permitted, except for building identification purposes. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-406: NUMBER OF SIGNS PERMITTED: linklink

Not more than one real estate sign, one building identification sign, and one security protection sign shall be permitted on any site area, unless such site is abutted by more than one street, in which case one of each such signs may be erected, installed, or maintained on each street frontage. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-407: SIGNS INSIDE BUILDINGS: linklink

Signs inside a building or structure attached to any window or opening with the sign copy visible from the outside or otherwise so located so as to be conspicuously visible and readable without intentional and deliberate effort from outside the building or structure shall be considered part of the allowable sign area permitted. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)
10-4-408: GROUND SIGNS: linklink

Subject to other applicable regulations set forth in this chapter, ground signs shall not be permitted, except for real estate signs, yard signs, and building identification or address signs. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980; amd. Ord. 04-O-2457, eff. 11-30-2004; Ord. 05-O-2459, eff. 1-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2476, eff. 7-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2480, eff. 9-2-2005)
10-4-409: PROHIBITED LOCATIONS: linklink

No sign shall be located less than ten feet (10') from a street line; provided, however, if an established setback, wall, hedge, precipitous slope, or shrubbery exists, and such setback is less than ten feet (10'), or such wall, hedge, slope, or shrubbery is more than three feet (3') high and nearer the street line than ten feet (10'), a sign may be placed in front of and against the structure, wall, hedge, slope, or shrubbery. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)

Signs indicating that the premises, including any accessory buildings, are protected by a security system shall be permitted. Such signs shall not exceed sixty (60) square inches in area and may be freestanding. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980)