1.2.201: APPOINTEES:

1.2.201: APPOINTEES:linklink

A. As provided by Charter, the following officers shall be appointed by the City Council: a City Auditor, a City Council Administrator, and a Utilities Executive Director2. In addition, City Council shall appoint MHS Enterprise trustees and may appoint advisory and decision making board, commission and committee members.

B. As provided by Charter, the following officers shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Council: a City Attorney3, a City Clerk, a Chief Financial Officer, municipal judges, Police Chief, Fire Chief, the heads of the Municipal Airport and the City's public works, parks, and community development departments, divisions, offices, agencies or enterprises. In addition, the Mayor may appoint other department, division, office, agency or enterprise directors or managers as authorized by Charter subsection 4-40(f). The Mayor may delegate the power of appointment, suspension or removal of subordinate City government employees to the Mayoral appointees4. An incumbent officer serving at the time a new Mayor is sworn into the Office of Mayor shall continue in the respective office without the need for further appointment or confirmation, until such time as the officer resigns, retires or is replaced by the new Mayor.

C. As provided by City Charter section 3-50 and subsection 4-40(f), City Council shall promulgate rules of procedure for the confirmation of Mayoral appointees for inclusion in the City of Colorado Springs Rules and Procedures of City Council. (Ord. 11-18; Ord. 14-5; Ord. 15-52; Ord. 15-62)
1.2.202: BONDS AND OATHS:linklink

A. Bonds: Before assuming the duties of office, each officer appointed by the Mayor and City Council shall give a good and sufficient surety bond to the City, unless waived by the Mayor or City Council, as appropriate. The bond may be conditioned upon the faithful performance and discharge of each officer's duties and upon proper application and payment of all money or property coming into the officer's possession by virtue of the officer's position.

Each bond may specifically provide that it shall not cover or protect against the loss of any funds when the loss is occasioned by the failure of any depository in which the funds have been lawfully placed by the officer.

The amount of each bond shall be determined by Council resolution.

The cost of each bond shall be paid by the City.

B. Oaths: Before entering into the duties of the office, the administrative officers of the City, and all other employees required by law, shall take an oath or affirmation of office, administered by the Mayor or the Mayor's designee, to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Colorado, and the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs, and faithfully to perform the duties of the office upon which they are about to enter. The oath or affirmation of office shall be subscribed and filed with the City Clerk. (Ord. 11-18; Ord. 17-18)
1.2.203: COMPENSATION:linklink

Each officer appointed by the Mayor and City Council shall receive a salary set by ordinance5. The City Attorney's and the City Auditor's salary may be apportioned between the general fund of the City and all enterprises in amounts determined by Council in the budget and annual appropriation ordinance. (Ord. 11-18)
1.2.204: AT WILL EMPLOYEES:linklink

Unless otherwise provided for in this Code, a Council or Mayoral appointee may establish at will positions within the appointee's organization if it is a management or key policy position reporting to the appointee or designee. Incumbents of any position who previously were not classified as at will may elect to continue in their current employment status. However, any person appointed to an at will position after the effective date hereof shall serve in an at will capacity. An at will employee shall serve at the pleasure of the respective appointee or designee and shall be terminable at will. This section is inapplicable to those employees in a special or hourly capacity, all of whom serve in an at will capacity. (Ord. 11-18; Ord. 17-19)

A. To provide economical and efficient services to the City's taxpayers and ratepayers, the Council and Mayoral appointees shall perform their respective duties in a cooperative and compatible manner, and shall avoid unnecessary duplication of operational functions and support services whenever possible.

B. The Mayor and all appointed officers, including the City Auditor, the City Clerk, the City Attorney and all Mayoral appointees shall make available staff, documents, reports, information, and any other resources as may be requested by City Council in the exercise of its legislative duties and functions. (Ord. 11-18; Ord. 17-19)

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